Thanks to one of the best brow experts in the country, I’ve finally figured out how to make my sparse eyebrows look full and lush, in minutes.

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Hi Barbara,
Can you share the product name of the brow pencil the make up artist used on you? I think it looks perfect! Thanks!


The brow expert says not to wax brows because the skin wiill fall.

Yikes! First, how does a natural blond tweeze the tiny fine golden hairs befow the brow line? They are so fine, they are hard to see and even if I find them in sunlight, when they shine (ugh), it seems impossible to grasp then individually with tweezers.

Also, if waxng is bad for the brow line, now I’m worried about washing my upper lip! Again, it had ulta fine blond “peach fuzz” that shines in sunlight. please tell me how to resolve this problem! !!! The upper lip fuzz increased after 50::(

I look forward to seeing what you suggest. Thank you!


Waxing upper lip


I could not hear the name of the angled mechanical brow pencil used in the video. Your brows looked beautiful and natural, hard to do on a blonde.

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