I came across Dorothy’s website–Aging Abundantly–many months ago, while researching resources that appeal to women over 50.

Dorothy’s site stood out because she enthusiastically embraces her age, and encourages other women to do the same.

With her frequent Facebook posts, beautiful photographs, and fantastic website which is filled with interviews, blogs, book reviews, and so much more, Dorothy is urging all of us to rethink how we view–and talk about–aging.

Here are just a few of Dorothy’s most recent “quick posts” on Facebook:

Too often we live in our places of weakness, because it’s easier than taking responsibility for the gifts we’ve been given…or so we think.

Now that I am sixty I can say with absolute sincerity: “I’m not the new fifty. I’m also not the old fifty. I’m not next year’s seventy or last year’s thirty-five. I’m just plain sixty!”

Angie Dickinson celebrates her 80th birthday today. I searched everywhere to find a tribute but it seems no one particularly cares. I wonder what this says about what we value. I care Angie! Bravo! You have lived an incredible life and no doubt have much wisdom to share.

Dorothy pushes us to find our own joy, love our lives, feel really really good about our age . . . whatever it is.

Brava, Dorothy!


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