Every once in a while (maybe even once in a lifetime) you meet someone who is the sheer, unadulterated, living, breathing embodiment of LIFE.

That’s Gigi Schilling.

I had the good fortune to “meet” her on Facebook last year, shortly after my book was out and my publisher was hollering at me to start a FB page.

I did.  I doubt either Gigi or I could remember who “friended” who . . . but by April 2010, we were clicking the “like” button on each others comments.

When I posted a that I would be attending the “Jeff Galloway Marathon Training” meeting in New York City a month later, she immediately commented that she would go, too.  “But don’t you live in Miami, Gigi?” I asked. “Yes, but I’m coming anyway!”  “But didn’t you say you don’t run and never would, Gigi?” I asked. “Yes, but I’m coming anyway!” And, sure enough, there she was.

We both share a love of life, but Gigi takes it to a whole new level of enthusiasm. The positive thoughts come pouring out of her so fast and furious that she needed a place to put them, and so she created the wildly popular (for men and women) “Over Fifty & Irresistible!” Facebook page (check it out!).

It’s become a gathering place for men and women who are enjoying life after 50, and all the changes that being a post-50 person brings. More than a gathering place . . .  it’s a continuous celebration of living our best lives, whatever our age. Checking in on her page and reading all the posts and comments from her followers makes me want to pop open a bottle of Prosecco (I much prefer that over champagne . . . just saying’.).

Oh! I forgot to tell you about Gigi the woman. She’s originally from Brazil so she has that fantastic, sexy Brazilian thing going . . . and she’s tall, strikingly beautiful, with long blonde hair, and so incredibly smart, engaging, happy, and gloriously sexy.

She hugs with an intensity that means it’s real; her laugh is from the very core of her soul; her smile truly brightens a room (which goes to a complete stand still when she walks into one. Trust me.); she is genuine and the real deal.

Gigi has shown me how to laugh at myself–for real–and has embraced me as a member of her tribe.

Congratulations, Gigi, for being an “Embrace Your Age” winner. Please continue to inspire, encourage, and fearlessly show us just how FUN life after 50 can be.


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