Just like you, I am thrilled and hopeful that 2020 is over and a new year is beginning. Granted, it’s off to a bit of a rocky start, but anything new often is. So let’s all be patient and keep our eyes on the prize: a much better, healthier, safer, productive and fun 2021!

To that end, the fab women of FASHION FLASH — the best online mini-mag for women 45+ — gathered their best tips and tools to help you look, feel and be amazing this year.

But enough chit-chat . . . now it’s time to kick off those kitten heels or Uggs, settle into a comfy chair, sip a glass of wine or peppermint tea and . . . dig in!

You know what to do . . . click on the pretty pink links, read, and share with all your girlfriends!

Stay safe, everyone, and please wear a mask!


Allison of Never Say Die Beauty is always on the lookout for new, effective eye products to firm and minimize lines. Check out why she added City Beauty Eye Revive Serum to her regimen!


Since we spend all our time wearing masks, expressive brows are more important than ever! Deb of No-NonsenseBlog explores easy-to-do options for beautiful brows.


Setting a goal to lose weight is great, but sticking with your weight loss plan can be tricky. Maximize your willpower with these tips from followPhyllis.


Being comfortable and being sexy are not mutually exclusive! The style elements that give day clothes a sexy vibe are the same for sleep and lounge clothes.  Angie at Your True Self Blog explores how to be comfortable yet sexy in your pajamas.


The biggest challenge most people face is dreaded weeknight cooking.  Kristen from the Culinary Cure has you covered with a delicious and easy to prepare recipe that packs on the flavor without packing on the calories.


New Year, New You, right? Well, it is January again, and are you probably wondering if you can really stick with your New Year’s fitness resolutions. If getting in shape, and staying in shape is one of yours, it’s probably not the first time you’ve tried it. Mirabai of Moving Free with Mirabai has spent a lot of her career studying why fitness programs succeed or fail and developing methods to help people succeed. To help you kickstart the New Year, she shares her Top 10 Fitness Tips to help you stay on track!


Stacie of The Makeup Obsessed Mom found some really fun, unique and very affordable Valentine’s Day gift ideas if you’re looking for suggestions. Check out all these fabulous gifts right now, because a few are personalized and may take a few weeks to arrive!


. . . and in case you missed the last issue of MenopauseCheatSheet, check out what I learned from a doctor who knew a heck of a lot about aging really well.



For the best science-backed tips to age successfully, check out my latest book right here!


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