BestofEverythingAfter50 is hosting FASHION FLASH this week and we have a lot to share . . . all to make you look fabulous at any age!

Want to look cool in a blazer, get a brilliant smile, deal with that skin under your chin (yep, your neck!), get makeup tips from Aerin Lauder to look fresh and modern, and so much more? It’s all in this week’s FASHION FLASH, the best online mini-mag for women over 40.

But enough yakking! It’s time to kick off those cute little kitten heels, grab that glass of Pinot Noir or cup of green tea, and dig in! Just click on the pretty pink links below to get the scoop on everything you need to know . . . right now . . . to look and feel your best, no matter what your age!

And remember this:

We can’t control getting older . . . but . . . we can control how we do it!


CHIC-AT-ANY-AGE-LOGO_Fachion-FlashA good quality blazer is an excellent investment. Josephine from ChicAtAnyAge shows us how to wear this classic piece to look fabulous and modern.

www.blackcatplus.com_-300x991Yay! Jodell from BlackCatPlus reports that plus size fashion model Emme has launched a program at her alma mater, Syracuse University, to encourage fashion designers to design for plus size women. Finally!

PRIMEBEAUTYScreen-Shot-2012-05-28-at-6.15.05-AM-300x62One of the first places to show signs of aging is the neck! Find out what Cindy at PrimeBeauty is doing to battle turkey neck!

WebFabOVER-forty-large2When we get to be over 40, sometimes it’s the simple things in life that we are looking for. Kari from FabOverForty found these Aerin Essentials to help simplify your life while looking good living it.

No Nonsense Beauty Blog for FF DebChase-300x87Deb of No-NonsenseBeautyBlog proves you are never too old to have a beautiful smile . . . even if it means braces!

society-wellness-BANNER_FASHION-FLASHLast week, First Lady Michelle Obama made Turnips famous with her video that went viral called “Turnip For What.” This week, Melanie from SocietyWellness shares her favorite turnips recipe “Garlic Mashed Turnips.” Yum! 

DivaDebbi-LOGOFuller, shinier, frizz free, faster drying hair . . . who doesn’t want that? Fabulous DivaDebbi stumbled on a great tool from an iconic name–Fuller Brush–at the bottom of a goodie bag. Now she’s not sure how she lived without it!

OVER-50-FEELING-40_FASHION-FLASH Pam from Over50Feeling40 is showing off some favorite Eileen Fisher looks this week on her blog. Here is another blast-from-the-past favorite as she tells us how to take designer pieces and make them your own signature style!

Moving-Free-with-Mirabai-logo1What are the best exercises for cancer patients? Recently Mirabai from MovingFreewithMirabai had a client who asked her: “I am recovering from breast cancer. I finished my chemotherapy a few weeks ago and though I still feel weak, I was wondering if I should start exercising again?” and this is what she told her to do.

second-lives-club_Fashion-Flash-copySometimes a second life is using what you already know plus a retake on your focus. Mary Lou from SecondLivesClub tells us about one fascinating woman who decided to ‘refocus’ on other designers and artists.  It’s a formula that led her to “having it all” . . . again!

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Great line-up this week! Have a fabulous week everyone!


Thanks Barbara. It is all looking lovely.


Thanks for the list of sites to check out! I need some new blogs to read.

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