The three “Bs”–Belly Fat, Bloating, and Bone Loss–are common complaints among women over 45. Bone loss in particular can become more than just something to be blue about . . . it can morph into osteoporosis if action isn’t taken. (For the most up-to-date information about bone health please visit — the website for the National Osteoporosis Foundation.)

While I tend to eat healthy foods and do the right exercises to help keep my bones and muscles strong for life and my belly fairly flat, sometimes I, like everyone, can get off track. This is especially true around the holidays when even the most disciplined of us can over-indulge.

Recently, I came across a really terrific set of videos that feature two leading experts in fitness and nutrition. As you can see from the sneak peak trailer (watch it below) the information in the videos can give us the tools to help pack a powerful punch against belly fat, bloating and bone loss.

summer-joan-pagano-200x200I met with Joan Pagano, one of the country’s best sources of information about how exercise can help keep you strong and independent for the long term, to learn more about her approach to fitness after 45. As it turns out, Joan and I live a few blocks from each other, and took a beautiful walk through Central Park in NYC to discuss fitness and its key role in keeping us healthy and strong. 250-joan-1

While Joan has a private practice as a personal fitness trainer and is the author of many books on workouts for life, these videos can help all of us to take advantage the huge pool of knowledge that Joan has built up over decades of focusing on fitness, specifically for women over 45. Not only is Joan charming, but her instructions in the videos are easy to follow, which is essential when turning to videos for learning how to start or upgrade your fitness program.

I urge you to take a look at the trailer and consider purchasing the full six videos. You should also connect with Joan on Facebook, Twitter (@JPaganoFitness), and YouTube.

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