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Recently I was invited to join a fantastic group of women who come together each week to bring you all the latest and greatest health, beauty, style, skin care and fitness tips through a combined blog effort we call FASHION FLASH (click here to see the latest FF!)

Every week, one of us serves as host of FASHION FLASH on our own website. Since I started sharing FASHION FLASH on my site and through Facebook and Twitter, many readers wanted to know more about it, and specifically, who was behind it. So, I thought  it would fun to present each of these accomplished women to you in the coming weeks. First up . . . 

Staness Jonekos, the Menopause Makeover maven!

I’m thrilled to first introduce you to the amazing woman behind Menopause Makeover. Staness Jonekos, who inspires all of us who are going through menopause to take action is the real deal. One of the original producers for Oprah’s Oxygen Media, she gained 30 lbs six months before her wedding, because she just happened to be going through menopause at the same time. Instead of pulling the blanket over her head, though, Staness took action. (Click here to read her personal story.)

And through her best-selling book, The Menopause Makeover, and her user-friendly website, she gives us the tools we need to take charge of this new, and sometimes scary, part of our lives. Staness shows us what to eat and how to work out so we can embrace this time in our lives without fear.  She consulted with one of the top menopause experts in the country, Dr. Wendy Klein, when writing her book, The Menopause Makeover. She holds our hands through every aspect of the health implications and fills us in on all the medical updates. For many women going through menopause . . . Staness is a bona fide goddess.StanessJonekos

I could yak it up for a long time about the beautiful Staness . . . but why don’t you take a look at her site instead.  Even if you’ve already gone through menopause–as I have–you will still find tons of wonderful, useful and useable information about living your best life after 50.


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