The-Best-of-Everything-After-50 logoAre you afraid running may hurt your knees? Or do you think you’re just too old?

I used to think that way, too, until I learned the secret to running after 50. Olympian and marathoner, Jeff Galloway, taught me everything about proper and safe running . . . so we can run for the rest of our lives.

Watch this episode from my new weekly “The Best of Everything” AARP YouTube Channel series: “Running After 50.” You might just run to the store for a new pair of running shoes:

Running is one of the best things we can do for the body, mind and spirit, especially if done correctly. Pounding the pavement and running every day can, in fact, be counterproductive. If you haven’t yet watched the video . . . do so now. I really think you’ll change how you look at running after 50.

Remember this: we can’t control getting older . . . but . . . we can control how we do it.


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