Having legs that are summer-ready are a lot easier than you think.  All you need are these three things:

Sugar: Exfoliate your legs by putting a little bit of plain white sugar in a washcloth and gently scrub.  This will remove the dead skin cells and get your legs ready for the next step.

Self-tanner: Sunbathing is a big NO. Instead try Jergens Natural Glow, a moisturizer that also gradually tans your legs (and arms, too!). Make sure you do step #1 (exfoliate) before applying any self-tanner. Use this after every shower, all year long, for a very natural looking tan.

Leg Makeup: Sometimes the occasion calls for stockings, but it’s summer! Instead try a leg makeup. The only one I recommend is Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Leg Makeup, which goes on smoothly and really looks natural.  It covers imperfections and adds a lovely color.

All that’s left is a terrific summery color on your toes. A pretty pink or a tropical orange sherbert color are . . . perfect!  That with a great pair of wedges, and your all set.


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