I’m nervous.

Tomorrow morning, I’ll put on my sneakers–as I do every-other-day–take Gunther the Wonder Dog, and walk my youngest daughter to school . . . about 1/2 mile away from home.

Then, I’ll go to Central Park and . . . run.

Except, this time will be different than any other run I’ve ever been on in my entire life, including the one and only time I ran in the NYC Marathon, in 2003.

I’m running 29 miles.

Crazy? Maybe. But it’s all part of the “big plan” of training for the upcoming NYC Marathon, which is on Sunday, November 6th.

I will bring my water belt, a peanut butter Balance Bar, some dried pineapple pieces, dried cranberries, and a few cookies for added sugar. I’ll eat a little bit of each of these things every two miles to keep the energy up, and drink a lot (but not too much!) water.

I’ll run 2 minutes and walk 30 seconds the entire way.

According to plan, I’ll slow my pace down to 2 minutes per mile under my race pace.

This will be the last “long run” of my training program.

I know I can do it.

I know I can.

Do it.

And will.

Because I can.

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