Other than you-know-what, nothing makes a woman’s face glow brighter than something lovely at her neckline.

And if you happen to be amply endowed — either at your chest or at your middle — a collarbone distraction will draw the viewer’s gaze up toward your smiling face.

Sure, a glamorous statement necklace is always in vogue. But let’s look at five other ways to turn a ho-hum outfit into a chic ensemble simply bWolford turtle necky sitting something cool at your clavicle.

Turtlenecks. They’re everywhere this fall — and no one has embraced them more eagerly than women over 50. A turtleneck adds body warmth on a chilly day, of course. When complementary colors are worn close to the face, it can warm up our complexion, too. The versatile garment also streamlines your silhouette, harking back to sleek looks made famous by everyone from Audrey Hepburn to the Beatles.

How to wear them: For the holidays, pair an oversize black cable-knit turtleneck sweater with a long, flowing skirt and booties. (Turtlenecks always look great with leggings and jeans as well.) Get a sleek, thin, snug-fitting one to wear under a blazer, a vest or a sleeveless sheath dress. The turtleneck above is from Wolford (click here to buy from amazon.com), for example, while Boheny offers super-inexpensive models (under $20!) in many colors (click here to see the options).  Worried about overheating for any reason? Opt for a sleeveless version you can wear under (or without) a blazer.

Orvis Dickie turtle neckDickies. OMG, remember these?! For better or for worse, they’re back — big-time!

In the 1960s, I lived in cotton turtlenecks and patent-leather go-go boots. When I wanted to wear man-tailored shirts to school without giving up that look, I simply dived into my sister’s collection of dickies — those brilliant little fake turtlenecks you can wear under a crew-neck sweater or a button-down shirt.Turtleneck shirts

How to wear them: Simple cotton dickies are a great way to add texture but not bulk to any outfit. You can also use them to add an instant pop of color. To start your own collection, consider some of the options available right here.

Scarf on Kate MiddletonScarves. I can’t think of a simpler way to add warmth, texture, color and pizzazz to any outfit. Long scarves — designed to be looped around the neck several times — and so-called “infinity” versions — those connected at both “ends” — have ruled the roost for the last few years, but staging a comeback this fall are silky squares (think Hermès). More affordable but equally elegant options — both classic squares and longer versions — are available from Emilio Pucci and Echo. Even Kate Middleton (left) has been spotted tying one on.

How to wear them: Any which way you choose, really. Depending on how daring you feel, you could even wrap one regally around your head, the way Queen Elizabeth does when tooling about Balmoral Castle.

Stella Dot pearl necklaceNecklaces. Shorter strands that hit the collarbone are very hip right now. Since the early 1980s, I’ve used the same strand of Chanel pearls as my go-to necklace. To follow the new trendy look of chunkier, shorter statement pieces, I usually double them up. You can achieve a similar effect by wearing a necklace that bunches several short strands together. The one at right, for example, is from Stella & Dot. But Carolee has some great — and affordable — options as well. Click here to see one of my all time-favorites!

Of course, you could always whip out your knitting needles and stitch yourself a cool scarf over a weekend. Go to Red Heart Yarns to see some really great ideas on how to make your neck look positively ravishing  . . . the DIY way!



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