National Osteoporosis FoundationAs proud Bone Health Ambassador for the National Osteoporosis Foundation, I am fully aware of how essential it is to take good care of our bones to live our best lives. This is especially true for women because once we go through the magical mystery tour of menopause, our bones can become more brittle and thinner, increasing our chance of succumbing to osteoporosis, putting us at a higher risk for fractures.

The key is to eat foods rich in calcium, keep tabs on your vitamin D levels (take supplements if necessary), and strengthen your bones with exercises such as running, jumping, and push-ups.

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What causes our bones to get thinner? The real culprit is the loss of estrogen. Levels start to fluctuate when we’re in our 40s, and then take a nosedive once we’re through menopause.

But, it’s not just our bones that can get thinner. Our skin does, too. Dermatologists created a new word to describe what happens to our skin as we get older and it gets thinner — dermatoporosis.

Dermatoporosis happens to most of us, especially if we’ve not taken good care of our skin over the years (I’m looking at you, sun-worshippers!). Skin gradually gets thinner and more fragile, leaving it vulnerable to bruising.

But, the good news is there are steps we can take right now to help build skin’s natural barrier, starting with making smart choices about protecting skin from the sun, and using the right product.

dermend_home_imgDerMend Moisturizing Bruise Formula is a unique product (and one I use every day!) that is clinically proven to help build skin’s natural barrier while improving the appearance of bruised skin. It’s highly regarded and often recommended by top dermatologists. With targeted ingredients such as arnica oil, retinol, ceramides, and glycolic acid, DerMend not only helps make skin stronger, it’s a luxurious daily body moisturizer, too. Multitasking at it’s finest!

Here’s what I do every single day to defend my bones and skin from the risks of osteoporosis and dermatoporosis: go for a run (with walk breaks!), do a few jumping jacks and push-ups, and slather my body with DerMend (especially arms and legs) after my shower. It’s never too late, or too early, to take the steps to stay strong.

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