Yay! Best of Everything After 50 is hosting this week’s FASHION FLASH, the best online mini-mag for women 40+!

This week’s issue is filled with fun facts about eating well, feeling good, and looking your best no matter what your age.

Check out stories about what to wear to a wedding, a biochemist who became a top selling designer, why kale may not be for you (what????), beauty products that do more than one thing, how to stay fabulous forever . . . and lots of other great tips!

But enough yakking! Now it’s time to kick off those kitten heels, grab a glass of Pinot Noir or cup of green tea, and RELAX with the latest issue.

Just click on the gorgeous fuschia links below and enjoy!

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PRIMEBEAUTYScreen-Shot-2012-05-28-at-6.15.05-AM-300x62Prime Beauty spills her secrets on her Top 10 Time-Saving and Double-Duty Beauty Products!

OVER-50-FEELING-40_FASHION-FLASHPamela Lutrell of over50feelin40 introduces us to the amazing fashion designer, Camilla Olson who left her world as a biochemist and became a successful reinvention story . . . proving it’s never to late to follow a dream.

CHIC-AT-ANY-AGE-LOGO_Fachion-FlashThis is a popular time of year for weddings so how to look chic and elegant as a wedding guest can be challenging. ChicAtAnyAge gives us inspiration on how French women address this question.

No Nonsense Beauty Blog for FF DebChase-300x87Can kale be a health hazard?  Deb of No-Nonsense Beauty  Blog sorts out fact from fiction and tells a little about the “dark side” of kale.

DivaDebbi-LOGODo your lashes need a little boost? DivaDebbi weighs in on the need for lash primers before mascara.

society-wellness-BANNER_FASHION-FLASHWhether you are a “health nut” or not, Society Wellness tells us why adding Flax Seed to your daily diet is still a great health tip. It’s versatile and economical, and everyone needs more fiber and omega 3 in their diets!

WebFabOVER-forty-large2Can women over forty wear shimmery eye shadows?  Fab Over Forty shares with us the dos and don’ts for wearing shimmery eye shadows.

www.blackcatplus.com_-300x991Jodell from BlackCatPlus says plus size models promote equality and beauty in the fashion industry in Russia.

Moving-Free-with-Mirabai-logo1 We can be Fabulous Forever! It’s not connected to youth. Women’s Health & Fitness Expert, Mirabai Holland shares some insights.

ABwithRlogoBeauty and the beets – Jackie Silver from AgingBackwards.com has tips for taking advantage of the health benefits of beets.

second-lives-club_Fashion-Flash-copyMaryLou from Second Lives Club says tap dancing builds both muscular strength and mental acuity. She introduces us to two remarkable women who rebuffed retirement and bought a dance studio instead . . .  creating their Second Lives!

BOE-FB_ThumbWant a little tip for living your best life? Check out DAILY TIPS FOR POSITIVE LIVING and SUBSCRIBE!

Until next time, remember this: we can’t control getting older . . . but . . . we can control how we do it!


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