I love good style.  But, I hate to spend alot of money . . . especially in this economy.  The good news is that we don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to look great.  In fact, we can spend far less than that.

While researching my book, I decided to hop over to the nearest Target (which happens to be in New Jersey), to see what I could find.  I dragged Ginny Hilfiger along with me. 

 Ginny is an incredible designer (she was chief designer of brother Tommy’s clothing line for over 15 years before branching out on her own), with a fine eye for quality and detail.  There was no way, I thought, that Ginny and I would find anything worth buying at Target.

The budget was set at $300

Not only did I buy 20 fabulous items, but they are all classic, timeless pieces that can be worn over several seasons, and with each other. 

My favorite piece?  A simple, black dress from Merona.  It is lined, with a slight flair of the skirt, which falls to the best and most flattering point on the knee.  It can be dressed down (with a pair of wedged espadrilles) or up (with black pumps and pearls).  It flatters every body type, and a little cardigan can be thrown on for a whole different look. 

Cost?  $39.00.

I often wear the dress with different belts, shoes, and jewelry . . . for many different looks. My favorite cardigans?  All from Target. Price?  Less than $15. The belts? One is a Diane von Furstenberg belt, and another (my favorite) is a gold link belt designed by Elsa Peretti that I’ve had since the 80s.   

One simple black dress can take you just about anywhere.

So tell me again . . . who said good style has to be expensive?

Best of Everything,