Have you stopped wearing sleeveless dresses or skirts that show off your toned arms and gorgeous legs because of “mystery bruises”?

You are not alone, and here’s why:

Barbara at podium at 50 & Fabulous Gala EventAs we go through menopause, we lose estrogen. And when we lose estrogen, our skin gets thinner, causing all kinds of challenges, including skin that bruises more easily. If you’ve spent decades as a sun-worhipper, and/or take blood thinners, your skin is even more prone to bruising.

Sometimes I wake up, look down at my legs, and there’s a black and blue mark on my shin that wasn’t there the day before. What’s worse, I have no clue how it got there! It seems that the slightest little bump results in a bruise.

Sound familiar?

But don’t despair because there are TWO KEY THINGS we can do to help counter thinning skin as we get older:

  • AVOID THE SUN: This is probably the #1 best way to help your skin age beautifully. If you’ve spent years worshipping the sun’s harmful rays, your skin is probably a lot thinner than it should be. Stay out of the sun, wear protective clothing, and always apply sunscreen–rain or shine and all year long.
  • PROTECT THE NATURAL BARRIER OF YOUR SKIN: Thinning skin is also weak and dry, which can make every little bump turn into a noticeable bruise! So annoying! So in addition to staying out of the sun, give your skin a little extra help by using a skin cream that is specifically formulated to help build skin’s natural protective barrier. Not every cream or lotion includes all the essential ingredients that work together to help strengthen skin, so you have be sure to use the right product!

Take a look at this short video–part of the BEST OF EVERYTHING weekly series I host for the AARP YouTube Channel–in which I unveil the best product I’ve found to help deal with skin that bruises too easily (and get a money-saving coupon!):

Until next time, remember this:

We can’t control getting older . . . but . . . we can control how we do it! 

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Great blog! going now to check out your YouTube channel

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