5 tips to eat well during the holidays

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t over-indulge — even a little bit — during the holidays. Lasting well over a month, this joyful time of year can wreak havoc with your weight and how you feel. I asked a leading digestive health expert — Dr. Tarek Hassanein of the Southern California GI and Liver Center … Continue Reading

bad to the bone: osteoporosis facts you need to know

I started running shortly before turning 50 as a way to combat the loss of density that was inevitably happening to my bones as I went through menopause and lost estrogen. My first bone density test, which I had around age 50 after I fell and broke my wrist, showed that I was in the … Continue Reading

menopause: break on through to the other side

September is Menopause Awareness Month (as if we needed a poke to remind us that we are about to go through menopause, are actually going through menopause, or have gone through menopause . . . right?). Whatever stage you’re in, this much I can tell you: it’s not your mama’s menopause. Far from it. We … Continue Reading