menopause: break on through to the other side

September is Menopause Awareness Month (as if we needed a poke to remind us that we are about to go through menopause, are actually going through menopause, or have gone through menopause . . . right?). Whatever stage you’re in, this much I can tell you: it’s not your mama’s menopause. Far from it. We … Continue Reading

10 small steps to a lifelong fitness habit

No matter how old you are, you — yes, you — can change your body, your fitness level, how you feel, and how good the rest of your life is going to be. Just moving more will be the one habit that makes the biggest difference in our life. It won’t take a miracle, but … Continue Reading

the future of successful aging

I’m a huge believer in embracing a few simple healthy habits to age well: move your body every day, eat good food (and probably a bit less), get enough sleep, manage the stress in your life, and stay connected to people who care about you. But sometimes we have to dig a little deeper to … Continue Reading