fashion flash — ‘self-care monday’ edition!

Are you one of those who thinks that once Monday rolls around, your body, mind and spirit belong to the world — work, family, friends, community — with nothing left over for you. Yes? Well, guess what? I’m on a mission to get you to think¬†about Mondays in a whole new way. Mondays are your … Continue Reading

fashion flash: the best online mini-mag for women 40+ — summertime fun edition!

I’m delighted to host FASHION FLASH, the best online mini-mag for women 40+! Each week thirteen fabulous bloggers post articles on Fashion Flash focusing on health, beauty, style, nutrition, travel, and so much more! You can get everything you need to know right now, all in one place! Right here! But enough chit-chat! Now it’s … Continue Reading

fashion flash–‘love yourself’ edition!

I’m thrilled that my next book — LOVE YOUR AGE: The Small-Step Solution to a Better, Longer, Happier Life — is launching on February 6th . . . just in time for Valentine’s Day, a special day I believe all women should love themselves even more, no matter how many others they love. There’s still … Continue Reading