Yeah, you know . . . the new “new thing”. The latest and the greatest. The one new diet that’s really going to work (this time.)

The new anti-wrinkle cream, hair conditioner, makeup, way to lose weight, fastest route to getting toned. The magic bullets.

I’m feeling grumpy about this because I know, from very personal experience, that there are no magic bullets or magic wands or magic amulets.

There’s commitment, and willpower, and common sense, and just plain old “doing it.”

It means cutting back portions and eating good, clean, healthy food instead of processed junk loaded with sodium and sugar.

It means getting down and doing those 20 push-ups and 20 sit-ups and 20 squats and holding a plank for 60 seconds . . . every day.

It means putting on the sun screen.

It means walking those 10,000 steps (with some running added in, preferably) . . . every day.

It means stashing away a little money, and cutting back spending if you need to.

Every day of my life now is spent cheering women on, and reminding them of their own personal power to make their own happiness, health, and well-being. But, sometimes I see this: while one ear is listening . . . the other is listening out for that new “new thing” . . . just in case.

Best of everything,