Photo of Jodell RaymondI’ve recently joined a group of women who share each other’s favorite health, beauty, style, skincare, and fitness tips on their websites weekly. It’s a combined blog effort that creates a meeting place for women who want to bring you the best of everything! We call it FASHION FLASH (click here to see the latest FF!).

Each week, one of us hosts FASHION FLASH on her site. You’ve loved the videos, the products, and the tips that I’ve posted on Facebook and Twitter, but many of you wanted to know about the people who put it all together– What are their stories? What inspires them? Why do they love what they do? For the last few weeks, I’ve been introducing you to my friends from FASHION FLASH, one fantastic woman at a time.

Today, I’m shining the spotlight on someone who is already glowing with beauty and confidence: Jodell Raymond, the founder of Black Cat Plus, a fashion site that brings the trendiest, most flattering clothing to women who want to rock their curves. Jodell’s motto? “It’s not about what size you wear– it’s how you wear your size”! Yay!

Black Cat Plus logoJodell is a very busy person. When she’s not helping plus-sized women look fabulous, she’s serving as president, corporate trainer and consultant for GenderCorp, an organization that prepares women leaders. If she’s not doing that, she’s likely teaching business at Monroe Community College in Rochester, New York. Jodell needs a wardrobe that’s professional and flattering (and, of course, gorgeous). She wants nothing less for her shoppers.

Black Cat Plus makes style accessible and fun for long-time fashion aficionados and newcomers alike. The site features style advice for each silhouette (apple-shaped, carrot-shaped, etc.) so visitors can look for the clothes that fit their body the best.

Jodell finds that when fashion is easy, she has more time to enjoy her other love: cats. She’s not only a proud cat owner, but she’s also the manager of communications, publications, and special events for The Cat Fanciers’ Association.

Jodell and BearAccording to Jodell, “shopping for that Li’l Black Dress was the beginning of a love affair with fashion”. It’s easy to see! Her picks on Black Cat Plus say one word: FLAUNT. You will see no sad, apologetic garments here. Instead, find eye-popping polka dotted leggings, a caribbean-shaded tunic, and (my personal favorite) a flowy black and cream empire-waisted dress by Sienna Rose.

Daisy DressSnag a front row seat for the catwalk at Black Cat Plus!

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