healthy habit: kick-start your spring fitness tune-up #nomatterwhat

Are you over 40? Then you have a 40% chance of having a sensitive bladder. Why? Pregnancies, weight gain, menopause, even certain medications. But that’s no excuse to let an occasional bladder leak stop you from moving your body every day! Here are some tips to get back on track with taking care of YOU. #LaughAllYouWant #NoBigDeal

has this brought your sex life to a screeching halt?

Adult Incontinence should never bring your sex life to a screeching halt . . . and here’s why. After many years (even decades) of being together, it can often be challenging for couples to keep the spice alive in the bedroom. Life, especially as we get older, is full of change—some planned, some not—which can … Continue Reading

it’s #nobigdeal . . . really

Don’t let bladder leaks get in the way of your vitality! New Always Discreet helps bladder leaks feel like #NoBigDeal Get more #PositiveAging tips here: #spon and by reading my article below: Life Over 50: Five Tips to Stop Fearing Adult Incontinence By: Barbara Hannah Grufferman, Positive Aging Expert With age comes wisdom and experience. … Continue Reading