will you still shop at wal-mart?

I was  never a Wal-Mart shopper anyway. Target is much more to my liking. And now that the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of big business over women . . . it doesn’t much matter. Or does it?

my search for the perfect hat

I’m not suggesting that you steal from your husband . . . but every once in a while you SHOULD take a look through his closet. For clothes. I did that recently (with him) . . . and came up with this:  the perfect hat.  Howard had gotten this Kangol (Arnold Trilby style) earlier in the summer, … Continue Reading

the best of everything after 50 “woman of the week” is (again!) . . . denise taylor tremaine!

This is a first!  Denise is The Best of Everything After 50 “Woman of the Week” for the second week in a row!!  Why?  Because she decided only a few weeks ago to enter her first race — a 5K — and this week, she did it! Denise — as I wrote in last week’s … Continue Reading