in praise of older mothers

Full disclosure: I am an older mother. My first daughter was born when I was almost 38, and my youngest entered the world three days before my 41st birthday. Even though I’m 54 and going through the tumultuous teenage years, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Usually, I don’t think about it, except when … Continue Reading

the best things in life are free. really.

This morning, after my run (with walk breaks!) in Central Park with Gunther the Wonder Dog, as I was leaving the park to go home,  I noticed a teenager wearing a brightly colored t-shirt with these words: “The Best Things in Life Are Free.” Tom Petty was still serenading me through my iPhoneearbuds and my … Continue Reading

sex: we’re more than the sum of our urges

According to Dr. Helen Fischer, the brilliant biological anthropologist, there is an ancient human tendency to marry and remarry, which she calls the “four year itch.”  Millions of  years ago (and even more recently than that) it was assumed that if a child lived to see age four, she would survive. The “parents” were then free to … Continue Reading