choice: a manifesto

Everyday I see people who feel stuck. Stuck in very big ways –relationships, jobs, institutions, bodies, life. Or, stuck in smaller but also significant ways — exercise routines, eating patterns, the route they take to work each day, the news sources they turn to, or the snack they eat before going to bed. I use … Continue Reading

small steps to big, beautiful brows

Eyebrows have a true purpose for being — to help keep sweat out of our eyes, and convey a wide range of emotion through facial expression. But they’ve also had a starring role in beauty trends for thousands of years. Beauty arbiters have proclaimed 2015 the year of the full, prominent brow (again). Many fashion … Continue Reading

10 simple steps to happiness

At a recent Barnes & Noble event to celebrate my new book — LOVE YOUR AGE: The Small-Step Solution to  a Better, Longer, Happier Life (National Geographic) — someone in the audience asked me this (as she called it) ‘Sophie’s Choice Question’: “What is your favorite chapter?” It’s clear that the mind-body connection is powerful … Continue Reading