Here’s the message: bring sex back into your life. And, make it more fun with the most recommended sex toys for women over 60. Read on. . .

Age is just a number, especially when it comes to enjoying a fulfilling sex life. Gone are the days when turning 60 meant packing away your desires and resigning to a life devoid of sexual pleasure. In fact, this period of life can be one of the most liberating and exciting times for rediscovering intimacy and exploring new avenues of pleasure.

The Myth of Age-Related Sexual Decline:

It’s a common misconception that as we age, our interest in sex diminishes. While physical changes like menopause and hormonal shifts are realities, they don’t signal the end of sexual enjoyment. In fact, for many, life after 60 offers a newfound freedom and the time to explore what truly brings them pleasure.

Embracing Change with Joan Price:

Joan Price — visit her website here — a vibrant voice in the world of senior sexuality, advocates for a positive and proactive approach to sex after 60. As discussed in the recent “Age Better” podcast, Joan emphasizes the importance of seeing ourselves as sexual beings, no matter our age. Her insights remind us that our later years can be a time of exploration, experimentation, and most importantly, enjoyment.

The Role of Sex Toys:

One key aspect of Joan’s advocacy is the use of sex toys as tools for enhancing sexual pleasure. Contrary to any outdated stigmas, sex toys are not just for the young; they are for anyone seeking to add an extra dimension to their sexual experiences. From vibrators to more sophisticated erotic gadgets, there’s a world of options designed to cater to the unique needs of older women.

Navigating Menopause and Intimacy:

Menopause can be a significant turning point for many women. Joan suggests using this time as an opportunity to rediscover what feels good. Sex toys can play a vital role in this exploration, offering new ways to achieve pleasure and comfort during a time of physical and emotional change.

Sex After Grief:

Open Communication and Education:

A critical element in enjoying sex after 60 is open communication, both with oneself and with a partner. Joan advises having honest conversations about needs, desires, and any concerns. This includes discussing the introduction of sex toys and exploring new sexual experiences together.

Final Thoughts . . .

You later years can be a time of sexual reawakening and joy. Joan’s message is clear: age should not be a barrier to sexual enjoyment. Whether solo or with a partner, embracing and experimenting with what brings pleasure is a journey worth taking.

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