how to do the squat . . . so it works!

After I turned 50, my body started to change in ways I never thought it would.  In addition, my bone density test showed that, like many women who go through menopause and lose estrogen, my bones were getting thinner, too. I knew I had to take action. So, I embarked on a fitness plan a … Continue Reading

fashion flash! the best of everything in style, health, fitness and more for the week of 11/25!

It’s that time of week! FASHION FLASH–the best online mini-mag for women 45+– is up and ready for YOU! And this week FF is hosted by the fabulous website Moving Free with Mirabai. Check out all the articles about nutrition (including a few great recipes just in time for Thanksgiving), skin care, fitness, makeup, and … Continue Reading

is olive oil the answer to . . . everything?

The ancient Greeks knew a lot about the power of olive oil for health and beauty, and in recent years I’ve embraced it’s tremendous benefits, too.