‘GRUFFtalk: How to Age Better’ podcast has been renamed . . . and here’s why!


Welcome to the inaugural episode of “Age Better with Barbara Hannah Grufferman!” On January 30th, 2024, I said “Ciao for now!” to “GRUFFtalk: How to Age Better” and embarked on a new chapter. Today, I’m unveiling the reasons behind this transformation. 

Celebrating Podcast Milestones 
“GRUFFtalk: How to Age Better” launched in mid-2022, and what an incredible journey it’s been! With nearly 100 episodes, most with expert interviews on health, fitness, relationships, sex, money, and more, this podcast now ranks in the top 5% of global podcasts, according to ListenNotes. We’re immensely proud of this achievement. 

Why the Name Change? 
You might be wondering, why the name change? It’s a valid question, and the answer is simple. “Age Better” succinctly captures the essence of this podcast. And, as I’ve grown older, my desire for life’s simplicity and clarity has deepened. So, the shift to “Age Better with Barbara Hannah Grufferman” was a natural choice. 

A Glimpse into Turning 50 
But, let’s revisit a pivotal moment in my life – turning 50. This milestone brought its fair share of challenges. Menopause had made its entrance, and those postmenopausal pounds left me feeling lumpy, frumpy, and grumpy. Welcome to the ‘umpie’ stage, a phase familiar to many. 

Navigating the Panic 
“Panic” aptly describes my state of mind. It felt like an earthquake of change had shaken my life, signaling that everything was about to change. Two paths lay before me: retreat, deny the inevitable aging process, and miss out on life’s adventures, or embark on a journey of research, expert connections, knowledge acquisition, and, most importantly, self-acceptance to age better. 

Embracing Change and Growth 
Can you guess which path I chose? Yep! I embarked on a quest to understand and navigate this new life stage. Writing books, starting newsletters, and launching this podcast became my avenue for sharing invaluable insights I continue to learn during my personal journey. 

Aging as a Continuous Journey 
However, writing books doesn’t give you all the answers. Aging is an ongoing process, and our bodies and lives continually evolve. This emphasizes the importance of reassessment and adaptation. What worked at 40 may no longer do it for you at 50, or 60, and so on. 

 Introducing the “Age Better” Podcast 
Now, let’s delve into the core of the “Age Better” podcast. I always have questions, and I know you do, too. Together, we’ll embark on a journey to explore ways to feel better, look better, live better, and, most importantly, age better. 

A Holistic Approach to Diverse Topics 
Age Better podcast delves into a diverse range of topics, including finance, work, health, fitness, style, makeup, hair, nutrition, travel, relationships, sex, and more. Each week, I’ll bring you the latest insights, expert opinions, and actionable advice, just as I’ve been doing for almost two years with GRUFFtalk. 

Stick with Me! 
Let’s embark on this remarkable journey together! We’ll explore new concepts, challenge old beliefs, and inspire one another to not just embrace but genuinely LOVE our bodies, minds, and spirits as we get older. 

Listen, Follow, and Subscribe 
To join this adventure, remember to subscribe or follow the “Age Better with Barbara Hannah Grufferman” podcast on platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and YouTube. Yep, you can watch it or just listen! 

Share Your Ideas and Questions 
Your questions have spurred many episodes, so please keep them coming! Share your ideas for topics and guest suggestions at agebetterpodcast@gmail.com


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