MirabaiFaceSince January, I’ve been in a group of bloggers who post each other’s latest health, beauty, style, skincare, and fitness tips on their websites weekly. This combined blog effort makes it easier for you to find the best of everything in one place! We call it FASHION FLASH!

The women behind FASHION FLASH are just fantastic, and I wanted you to meet them too. I’ve been introducing them one at a time and sharing their stories, philosophies, and their passions.

Today, I’m profiling Mirabai Holland, who’s been the “it” in fitness for over thirty years. She’s the founder of Moving Free With Mirabai, where she inspires and coaches women to get as fit and healthy as they can . . . for the rest of their lives.

Here’s a woman who knows her quads from her hamstrings! Mirabai is Gold Certified by the American Council on Exercise and has been an instructor for the American College of Sports Medicine. She believes that anyone can get healthy, anywhere, at any age, so she brings gym-level fitness into living rooms the world over with her top-rated DVDs and tutorials. She’s also built exercise programs for people with osteoporosis, cancer, asthma, heart problems, and back pain—she even does some for kids! And all while looking fabulous: Mirabai’s been a consultant to clothing companies like Nike, Reebok, and Danskin.

Followers love Mirabai not only for her expertise, but also for her methods. Her programs use a friendly “ease-in” approach and are paced to perfection so people of all fitness levels can enjoy themselves. “Exercise should be a pleasure, not a chore!” she says. Yay!


What’s Mirabai’s motivation? She’s experienced the freedom, the fun, and the fruits of fitness firsthand. Of course she shares it with the world! “I want every woman from my generation to enjoy the same strength, mobility and vitality in the second half of her life that she did when she was younger.” That’s great!

Shape up and keep it up at Moving Free With Mirabai!


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