3+ things to know today to age better

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST — CLICK HERE There are so many things to consider when your plan is to age better, age stronger, and age healthier. It’s a mindset shift knowing that your best years are not behind you as you age, but that you are still creating your best years ahead. Awareness is key … Continue Reading

make walking your superpower

LISTEN THE CONVERSATION HERE (AND MAYBE TAKE A WALK WHILE YOU’RE LISTENING!) Walking is one of the most popular forms of exercise across the world. It’s free, doesn’t require expensive equipment, and it’s generally safe to do without any special skills. If you do nothing else for your health, there are tremendous benefits you can … Continue Reading

15 things you don’t talk about . . . but should

LISTEN TO EPISODE 18 OF GRUFFTALK PODCAST HERE As we age. changes in our body, how we think, and how we view the world around us can be unsettling. We’ve been changing since birth but as we get to our 40s suddenly these changes get linked to the A-word (yep, aging) and it can get … Continue Reading