I gravitate to people who are always searching for good information about how to live a healthy and engaged life and I especially zero in on those who actually use that information.

One such person is Jim Owens, an amazing guy who decided, just as I did, that one of the keys to successful aging is moving your body. 

After a successful 40 years on Wall Street, Jim transitioned to best-selling author with his infamous Cowboy Ethics and his newest book, Just Move!: A New Approach to Fitness After 50 (also released by National Geographic, as was my book, Love Your Age) was named one of the 6 best books about healthy aging for 2017 by The Wall Street Journal.

There are so many reasons the why WSJ honored Jim’s book by putting in the list, starting with the fact that’s it’s a gorgeous book, with great photos, easy-to-follow directions, and lots of motivational tips to keep you moving your body for the rest of your life.

I had my moment of panic when I turned 50, but for Jim it was a little different. A self-proclaimed couch potato at 70, Jim realized his years in a chair-bound lifestyle had been taking their toll on his body. Determined to get fit, he recognized the standard “body building” approach was not the way to address the physical realities that come with age and set out on his own journey of discovery and transformation. Now at 77 and in the best shape of his life, Jim shares this life-altering experience and program in the book along with the tools, inspiration and more to empower readers to get started on their own transformational journey.
As a result of my own transformation which started at 50, I am more fit now than I’ve ever been in my life. A few weeks ago I competed in my 6th marathon (all since turning 50) and ran my fastest pace ever. As I get older, instead of getting weaker, I’m getting stronger. But, it doesn’t magically just happen; I have to put some time and effort into moving my body. If Jim and I can do it . . . so can you.
If you’ve read any of my books or blog posts, you all know my philosophy of healthy aging — all roads lead to fitness — which simply means that moving your body throughout the day is essential. But it isn’t always easy to get started, especially if you’ve been more of a sitter than a mover in recent years. Jim’s book, which is geared to men and women, will get you up and moving in ways you never thought possible.
I highly recommend “Just Move!” and urge you to think of it as a gift to everyone in your life who is over 50. They will thank you, especially after the over-eating, over-drinking, over-stressing season is over and they’re ready to embark on a healthier path. While you’re at it, pick up a copy for yourself. It will become your go-to book for years to come.
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