I hope everyone enjoyed an amazing Thanksgiving, whether you spent it roasting a big turkey in your kitchen with all the fixings or enjoying a fabulous dinner in a great restaurant. Whatever you did, the holiday season has officially begun and along with it comes over-eating, over-drinking, over-shopping, over-stressing, and under-taking care of yourself.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are small steps we can all take to stay healthy, fit and oh-so-pretty throughout the coming weeks. The amazing women of FASHION FLASH — the best online mini-mag for women 40+ — have lots of tips to help guide you through this holiday season to look, feel and be extraordinary, no matter how stressful it gets!

But enough chit-chat. Now it’s time to kick off your pretty kitten heels or cool booties, grab a glass of egg nog, plop down on a comfy couch and dig in! Just click on the bright pink links! Don’t forget to share with all your girlfriends!

Now’s the best time to think about moving your body just a little bit more. Why? So you can have an extra glass of bubbly or a few more Christmas cookies . . . minus the guilt. Need a bit more inspiration? Read this.


Holiday Moderation? What’s that? Mirabai Holland, Certified Health Coach, gives you the skinny on how to keep eating in check during the holidays and straight into the new year!


Want to look a little more festive? Sheila from Painted Ladies has a gorgeous copper eyeshadow look that’s a perfect alternative to traditional smokey eyes featuring the bareMinerals Gen Nude Copper Eyeshadow Palette.


Does this time of year make you feel like singing that song, “I want to get away, want to get away . . . “? If so, take a look at what Inka of Glamor Granny Travels can tell us about some super-secret places in romantic Tuscany in Italy. Ciao!


Deb of No-Nonsense Beauty Blog looks at the most common holiday health-busters— and what to do about them.



Prime Beauty has the perfect present for your BFF! The new ybf (your best friend) Girlfriend Palette has everything you need for a pretty, polished look. Get one for yourself, too!


Never Say Die Beauty recently discovered natural, organic, cruelty-free, and vegan skincare brand — Skin And SensesPlus she is enjoying her white jade facial roller from Skin And Senses, a beauty tool that she was amazed to find at the Chinese Empress exhibit at a local art museum. Believe it or not, it’s a roller from 1865!


With the craziness and excitement of the winter holidays, it’s hard not to get stressed! While desserts usually can’t take the edge off,  Marcia of Beauty Info Zone recently discovered that The Mood Factory — with their great bath and body products — can! Bonus: they are dedicated to making a social impact, and have given over one million dollars to various causes that focus on health and children.  Their overall mission: to improve moods for better health and wellness, and we all could use a little of that during the holidays, right?


We all know how crazy it gets this time of year. But Erika of Notes From My Dressing Table says “Relax!” This busy holiday season, slow down and pamper your peepers with Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks to look fresh and party-ready in minutes.


JoJami and Lana from Ladies Roadmap want to ask you all a very important question: Are you maximizing your talents this holiday season? Listen to this weeks’, Ladies Roadmap podcast to get tips on how to “tune into” what makes you special (and oh, yes, you are!).

Want more tips on how to be extraordinary at any age?

Check out my new book right here. 



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