need a good reason to move your body every day? rescue a dog!

Nag alert:  we all need to move our bodies every day.  Period.  Running, walking, spinning, biking . . . whatever your choice is, you’ve got to do it every day.  You’ll keep your weight down, health check numbers where they should be, and it just feels good! But, sometimes we need that little extra reason to get … Continue Reading

finding the perfect glasses for your perfect face!

Who said reading glasses had to be frumpy? Since entering my 50′s, I’ve had to keep a 6x magnifying mirror adhered to my bathroom mirror so I don’t end up putting mascara on my lips.Presbyopia (an age-related condition whereby eyes have trouble focusing on objects that are close) is a natural byproduct of getting older, and … Continue Reading

what’s a ‘chief pundit’ you ask?

So thrilled that FOF, a leading website for women over 45 invited me to come on board as their “Chief Pundit.”  I’ll be covering topics that are of interest and importance to women, especially those–like me–who want all the tools we can get to live our best lives as we get older. Here’s the lovely … Continue Reading