Did you know that feeling pretty can help you take on the world? 

In this episode that’s what I’m talking about with the amazing Laura Geller. She knows all about “pretty.”

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Laura is the founder of a the wildly successful brand that she launched on QVC over 20 years ago. She has won accolades for being a savvy and successful entrepreneur and she is a brilliant marketer who keeps her line of products fresh and modern. I can personally share that Laura is warm, humorous, and most importantly relatable. 

Together, we dive into what it means to be pretty. When you feel pretty, you feel powerful and ready to take on whatever the world sends your way. 

Hear about Laura’s 3 E’s for looking pretty and why they are so important. 

I’ve followed this advice for years and it continues to serve me well. Laura and I also talk about the one cosmetic we will never give up and she gives a great tip about using it in an unexpected way.

You’re going to be inspired when you hear why Laura chose her career and why she made helping women look and feel beautiful her life’s work. Find out why, for Laura, makeup is about empowerment. 

The beauty and cosmetics industry has always used young models and celebrities in their brand images and promotions. All of that shifted for the Geller brand when Laura trusted herself and leaned into the women who love her makeup; women who were 40+. 

It was a great business decision, and the proof is the incredible growth of the Laura Geller brand. I love that the women on her website and marketing are beautiful and relatable. 

Laura and I both lost our moms last year and it was lovely to be able to talk about a few of our favorite memories.

I’ll have Laura back to talk us through her best make-up tips that work for everyone. Until then, we both hope you will embrace pretty in your life! 


Find your joy. Find your inner peace and tap into that whatever it may be. – Laura Geller 

When you feel pretty, you feel powerful and ready to take on whatever the world sends your way. – Barbara Hannah Grufferman

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