50+ and wondering if you should keep working, switch jobs, or retire?

In this week’s GRUFFtalk podcast, we’re talking with Kerry Hannon, an expert about money and future trends, especially for people over 50. 

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Conventional wisdom might tell us that women over 50 are most concerned about their appearance and aging. When I asked women to share what concerns them most, the answer was not about any of those things. It was about money and finances, especially as we get older. 

Kerry is one of the country’s leading experts on topics related to money and finance. Her latest book, In Control at 50 Plus: How to Succeed in the New World of Work, Kerry combines her insights and skills to help us shape our work futures into what we want it to be. It’s full of advice and practical tips for all of us managing today’s work environment.

It’s encouraging that we’ve seen some movement around age acceptance, and there’s still a lot of space to improve. Kerry shares her insights regarding ageism, especially as it is related to work. 

You might be surprised to hear that a lot of the policies and attitudes around ageism often come from the top. Business leaders, who themselves are older, are often those who are reluctant to recognize the value of their older workers. 

It’s frustrating that they don’t see the disconnect. Hannon shares that there is good news too. Employers need older workers, and these conversations are slowly gaining traction. Younger workers will also benefit from this work. After all today’s younger workers will need to plan for their work future as well. 

Hear how the differences in work experience and desired work options change as we age. What might fit well at 50, may not be what we want at 60 and beyond. 

Here are a few areas of job growth: 

  • Health and wellness – especially regarding mental health
  • Technology – continued growth here with lots of changes 
  • Education – think about things like interpreters, or mentorship

Kerry recommends thinking about what resonates with you. What interests you most? Do some research or look at your LinkedIn connections who work at industries that intrigue you. How do they like the work? Do they feel your skills will fit well? Don’t be afraid to ask for an informational interview to gain insights about businesses that are new to you. 

Use these tips and remember to be bold! Opportunities show up when you are willing to look at new options, make changes and try new things. Curiosity is your friend!

Hear how to use the HOVER method. This is such a great way to approach changes to life. This is great advice for workers of any age.  

H – hope. Believe you can do this

O – optimism. Feeling good about what’s ahead.

V – values. Keep learning, focus on personal growth. 

E – enthusiasm. Focus on things that make you happy and ignite your enthusiasm. 

R – resilience. This comes from being open to beginning again, with can-do attitude. 

Believe in yourself. Age really is a number, and no one can take your skills or experience from you. 

There are lot of new opportunities and possibilities ahead, so approach it with an open mind. Don’t be afraid to leave your lane and go a new direction. It’s where the magic happens! 

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Trends coming out of the pandemic are in our favor – Kerry Hannon 

The key is to be open. How can you pivot using the skills you have in new ways? – Kerry Hannon

GRUFFtalk: Chatting with Kerry Hannon About Getting the Job You Want After 50
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GRUFFtalk: Chatting with Kerry Hannon About Getting the Job You Want After 50
Learn how to keep working after 50 and hold on to all the money you're making!

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