I like shoes.

I’ve always liked shoes.  Most women do, so I know I’m not alone.

While I was attending St. John’s University as an undergrad, I workedin Bloomingdales to help pay my way through college.  It was my great fortune to be assigned to the women’s shoe department, where I was employed for four years. 

I worked two nights a week, two afternoons a week, and all day Saturday.  My life at that time was all work, with very little time for play.  But, did I care?  NO.  I was selling SHOES.  And, boy did I sell.  A woman would come in for a pair of slippers and she walked out with high heels, low heels, boots, and two pairs of slippers.

The highlight was when the “employees sale” happened . . . every few months.  I’d secretly hide a pair of shoes I wanted in some little nook or cranny, and pop them out when the sale hit.  Ah, shoes . . .

In the 1980s,  I dressed like the quintessential career womanhigh heeled Charles Jourdan pumps with my broad shouldered power suits. I towered over   of the men I was competing with for jobs and assignments, hopefully intimidating them. I owed it all to my . . . shoes.

Now, I’m into a whole new range of shoes.  Sure, I’ve got a pair of high heel pumps that I bring out for special occasions, and I just bought these fab pair of nude pumps that make my legs look better than they deserve . . . but, overall, my shoes are more . . . wearable.

I need to walk, to move, to be comfortable.  But, for sure we don’t have to give up style for comfort! Don’t go running around in flip flops you wear to the beach (and for getting pedicures), and leave the running shoes for . . . running. Some great choices, which I suggest in THE BEST OF EVERYTHING AFTER 50, include shoes with a kitten heel or a wedge.  The best I’ve found in a long time are in this photo.  They’re from Jaime’ Moscaro’, a shoe company from Spain.  It’s basically a ballet slipper with a kitten heel.  LOVE them . . .

Go out this weekend, and whether you celebrate Mother’s Day or not, buy a new pair of shoes as a gift to yourself.  But first, get a pedicure, put on a great color (I only wear Marshmallow,which is a pale, iridescent white) . . . and then get a new shoes that will show off your toes, your legs, your style and your attitude.

. . . and keep walking.

Best of Everything,