Summertime and the living is easy, right? Well, the amazing women from FASHION FLASH are just about to make your summer a lot easier . . . and so much better!

We’ve got all kinds of fabulous tips from how to use the summer sun’s warmth to boost your beauty, to checking out the hot spots of Europe before you book your next tip, how to look cool when the temperatures really rise, how to save money when buying wine, and so much more!

It’s all right here, and it’s all geared to women 40+!

But enough chit-chat. Now it’s time to plop down in a comfy chair (or maybe a hammock?), grab a glass of rose’, and dig in!

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Inka of Glamour Granny Travels introduces you to the delights of Toledo, Spain. She explored all aspects of this fascinating place including the exquisite food. Before you book your summer holiday, check out what she discovered.


Love wine but would like to be a little more knowledgeable about it? Overwhelmed when you have to look at a wine list?  Listen in for the latest tips on how to order the best wine for less, with wine expert Coly Den Haan on the Ladies Roadmap to Living Ageless podcast!


Has the summer sun made your skin feel like the Sahara desert? Give your dry skin the gift of Manuka Honey with the Airelle Hydrating Manuka Mask! Cindy from Prime Beauty recommends it for all women over 40!

Could this be the perfect BB cream for summer? Never Say Die Beauty thinks so! Cruelty-free Derma E Tinted Moisturizing BB Cream with mineral sunscreen SPF 30 in 5 shades feels light as air on her skin.


Dark spots after breakouts? Deb of No-Nonsense Beauty Blog has the answer on what really works and what doesn’t!


Don’t give up on feeling sexy just because the weather is hot! Angie at Your True Self Blog shares her best summer date-night tips on what to wear to look, feel and be cool and sexy — all summer long!

Jackie from Jackie Silver Style shares a few surprising ways to harness summer’s free heat to raise the bar on your beauty routines!


Mirabai, a Certified Health Coach, has used a technique she calls ‘Finding Fabulosity’ to help her clients make positive behavior changes in the lives. Check this out to see if it might work for you, too! 


Did you know that June is World Ocean Month? In honor of this special month, one company has been busy saving our marine mammals. Marcia from Beauty Info Zone has the inside scoop and encourages all of us to work together for the sake of our planet.


I’m so proud to announce that my latest book — LOVE YOUR AGE: THE SMALL-STEP SOLUTION TO A BETTER, LONGER, HAPPIER LIFE — won a Gold Medal award from a prestigious publishing organization and it’s up for another Gold Medal next week! If you still don’t have a copy sitting on your bedside table to refer to time and time again . . . you must! Order here. And please keep your fingers and toes crossed that LOVE YOUR AGE wins again! Cheers for women 40+!

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