“embrace your age” weekly winner” is . . . gigi schilling

Every once in a while (maybe even once in a lifetime) you meet someone who is the sheer, unadulterated, living, breathing embodiment of LIFE. That’s Gigi Schilling. I had the good fortune to “meet” her on Facebook last year, shortly after my book was out and my publisher was hollering at me to start a … Continue Reading

the power of yay!

There are words that need to be attached to other words to make sense and have any impact or meaning . . . and those are often the words that are used by people who go on and on.  Nothing wrong with that, of course, since words are a beautiful thing, and can be used … Continue Reading

knock! knock! who’s there? women over 50, that’s who!!

Dear Everyone, I was against Facebook.  I thought it would be a waste of time, and a way of sneaking peeks  into the lives of strangers as they posted photos of kids, trips, and dogs. I was so wrong. Well, there is alot of that . . . and it’s all great . . .  BUT . … Continue Reading