Nothing makes me want to hop on my broom and say “Yay!” faster than getting fabulous beauty, style, health, fitness, travel and life hacks from the incredible women of FASHION FLASH

This week, I’m honored to be the host of FASHION FLASH — the best online mini-mag for women 40+ — and thrilled to share some scary good ideas on looking and feeling amazing . . . at every age! 

But enough chit-chat . . . now’s the time to kick off those cute little kitten heels, grab a glass of heart-healthy Pinot Noir, plop down into a comfy chair and . . . dig in! 

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Looking for a lightweight natural eye cream with vitamin C to brighten your gorgeous peepers? Allison from Never Say Die Beauty has a beauty treat just for you: MyChelle Perfect C Eye Cream.

Looking a little ghoulish after dressing up for Halloween? Deb of No-Nonsense Beauty Blog  shows you how to avoid Halloween Skin Hangover.

Confused about which fish oil you should take? Don’t scare yourself silly about it! Society Wellness tells us about fish oil processing so you know exactly which kind of omega-3 supplement to buy. 

You just went Trick or Treating and those candies are just staring at you, right? But hold on! How Much Sugar Is Too Much? Here’s sweet little video by Mirabai Holland Certified Health Coach & Exercise Physiologist that may make you think twice before eating that second piece of pie during the holiday season.

Inka of Glamour Granny Travels discovers the beauty and wonder of Portugal’s Algarve. 


Beauty Info Zone is in love with a great fashion accessory to wear as the temperatures start to drop. If you haven’t heard of Hipstik Opaque Tights, ladies, it’s time to learn about this uber-comfortable and super-cool product. Ooh La La!


Jackie Silver Style shares amazing tips for coping with this very scary and all-too-common diagnosis.

Sheila from Painted Ladies shares her experience with the lip-plumping PMD Beauty Kiss – did it give her lips permanent volumizing results? Hmmm . . . Check out her review and see if this if for you. 

Janise of Mama in Heels is sharing why the definition of the term “lady” should be updated.

Have you ever wanted to try microdermabrasion? Cindy of Prime Beauty Blog will be trying the Personal Microderm Device (PMD) for four weeks.  See her ‘before’ pictures, learn more about the device and — here’s the Halloween Treat you’ve been waiting for — get a 20% off code! No tricks, pinky swear! 

Erika of Notes From My Dressing Table always trusts Derma – E skin care to help take good care for her complexion. But here’s some good news: this affordable and efficacious brand is branching out into body care with their Therapeutics Psorzema Cream and Scar Gel. Check out her review to see if they may be right for you. 


Don’t forget to check out my super-short “Small Steps to Your Best Life” videos! 

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