Okay, I feel like I’m on a Reality TV Show. Yes, I admit it: I’ve been neglecting my own website. The thing which I created. It’s been sitting there waiting patiently for me to feed some words into it, but have I?


I’ve been too preoccupied writing for Huffington Post and others.

And, I’ve been going around giving “author talks” and doing “book signings” . . . which are all part of what I love about being an author.

But . . .

Every few days I would say to myself, “Well, Barbara, before you sit down and start writing that article for xxxxx, maybe you should just visit your website, and update it, and write a little something. Just a little something.”

But, no. I did not.

Last night, I had a dream. My dream was that my website left me. It just got tired of waiting around for me to feed it, nourish it, visit it. Sure, I would hold it out there for the world to see as a hyperlink when I wrote my other articles for other sites . . . but eventually it got tired of being used.

I woke up in a panic. Opening up my little laptop, and going directly to my site, I saw that–thankfully-it was still there. I vowed never to take advantage of it again.  I will write something on my website every day.

Websites have feelings, too, you know.

I love you, website.

All the best,