I started doing Twitter about the same time I started doing Facebook.  I get Facebook. I get how we all connect and update and friend and de-friend.  I get it.

But Twitter is a completely different story.  Twitter is a stream of consciousness.  Or a way of elbowing your way into an ongoing conversation. 

I am by nature, and by upbringing, a polite person.  Since I’ve decided to be on Twitter, I’m going to do it the way it’s supposed to be done.  Meaning: each time you go on, you start from the point where you left off, and scroll down until you reach “then”  Depending upon how many people you follow, you might spend alot of time scrolling from “then” to “now”.  And, that’s okay, I guess, except . . . everyone seems to be doing their own thing.  I rarely see a thread, a conversation, a connection between tweets.

That’s not the case with Facebook.  We post, we get comments, then more comments follow.  Then sometimes we share the whole darn thing, then more people post, or press “like” and then more comments are posted.  Before you know it, you’ve got a party going. 

I feel a little isolated on Twitter. 

I feel like part of a community on Facebook

Best of everything,