The Best of Everything video series logoSo many of us have been in long term relationships and aren’t always equipped to enter the dating game when we find ourselves single again.

But don’t worry . . . because help is on the way.

I spent time with a top notch dating coach, Bobbi Palmer, who is the founder of Date Like a Grownup.

Bobbi gave me lots of tips on how to get ready to get back out there. But just as important, she also told me about some of the biggest mistakes women make when they’re thinking about dating again.

If you are suddenly single, before you even think about joining an online dating site or telling your friends to find you a few dates . . . watch this:

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I came across this woman Anne who’s been writing about dating in the “vintage” years. She writes about other things too, but I laugh at some of her posts. I am with someone and talking to friends that aren’t I can’t imagine getting out there again. I have always been happy by myself so I just might keep it that way! Her blog is

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