I would sit on the bathroom floor, watching my mother put on her Max Factor foundation, CoverGirl eyebrow pencil, and Maybelline mascara. She would polish it all off with a sweep of Revlon lipstick. Perfect, but a little too much of everything for me.

Now that it’s summer, the last thing we want to do is . . . over-do.

Here’s what I found works the best . . .

  • use a tinted moisturizer slightly darker than your normal shade to give you a little bit of a “faux tan” (not too dark!!) and make sure it has an SPF of at least 30 (I love Laura Mercier)
  • smooth a little highlighter under your brows, above your cheekbones, and at the inside corner of your eyes (Benefit High Beam is great)
  • brush on a little pinkish blush on your cheeks (Pink Grapefruit by Laura Geller is the perfect shade for just about every skin tone)
  • add a little eyeliner, following the natural eyelash line (try Revlon ColorStay in Charcoal)
  • sweep on some black mascara, top lashes only (curl them first)
  • put on some pinkish-rosy lipstick (Carmindy for Sally Hansen in Perfect Pink or Blossom are my favorites)
  • . . . and you’re ready to rock and roll.

Less than 5 minutes.

Don’t you just love summer?

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