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This statistic stopped me in my tracks: being positive about aging can add 7.5 years to your life. That’s pretty amazing, isn’t it? 

In Episode 9 of GRUFFtalk: How to Age Better, I share my personal ‘coming of age’ story. It didn’t happen in young adulthood, like we often see in the movies. It started when I turned 50. It was a pivotal time and it’s when I first learned about today’s guest.

Joining me is Jeff Galloway, the author of “Marathon: You Can Do It!” and many other books. He inspires people with his simple message: you can do it. Jeff has coached people of all ages and abilities, but he gets great joy from inspiring beginners, which is what I was when I bought my first pair of running shoes.

I invited Jeff Galloway, Olympian and founder of the Run/Walk/Run Method, to join me in conversation because I want all of you to rethink aging.

Prepare to be inspired! 



Jeff explains the Run/Walk/Run program. He developed this when he started working with a small group of people who had never run, but wanted to train for a marathon. 

Jeff believes that limiting yourself will prevent you from trying things that will enrich your life, and one way that you can put limitations on your life is by believing you’re too old to start something new, and possibly challenging, like running. But there are many benefits to running: it doesn’t just help you physically, it can also extend your life by an average of seven years, and it also helps with positive shifts in attitude. 

Having a healthy lifestyle saved Jeff’s life. He was exposed to Agent Orange years ago during the Viet Nam war when he was in the Navy. He wasn’t aware of the impact it would have on his health until last year when he suffered a massive heart attack. 

His medical team believes that his healthy lifestyle contributed to his recovery. And yes, he’s running again. 

Jeff shares how anyone (yes you!) can get started on a running program, whatever your age: 

  • There is no age limit. There are people past the age of 100 still running marathons! 
  • When you run/walk for 30 minutes and longer you don’t just feel better physically but you grow new brain stem cells. 
  • Periods of rest are recommended to make sure your body recovers after a workout. 
  • With Jeff’s run/walk program you are in control. You run and walk in time periods that work for you. 
  • Taking charge of your experience gives you the ability to grow and develop physically and mentally. 
  • When you use the run/walk/run method, risk for injury is greatly diminished. Jeff shares that he’s had new runners use his program with no injuries. 
  • Jeff outlines how his technique helps people with arthritis (especially in the knees).

There are running groups all over the world that follow the Galloway running method. Visit to find a Galloway running group in your area. If there isn’t one, maybe you can start one!

Three key takeaways from the conversation with Jeff: 

  1. Warm up to prevent injury. 
  2. Stay motivated by having a goal. It does not have to be a marathon. It can be as simple as getting out every other day. 
  3. If you have difficulty during a run, walk for 3-5 minutes for a reset. 

For more information visit Jeff’s website. He offers retreats (which I recommend) and you can even email a question to Jeff directly from the site.  

Remember, you can do it — no matter what your age!

Jeff Galloway

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